Every great bicycle starts with a solid platform: the frame. Our frame is designed to be strong and sturdy. You might feel instability or wobbliness on a competitor’s bike, but the advance hydro-forming on our tubes will keep your ride as smooth as possible. We use top tier bicycle component manufacturers such as Shimano and Kenda. Every Motiv bicycle gets tested and undergoes a tough quality control inspection.

What good is electric technology if you have no power? Motiv’s electric system was engineered to have outstanding performance and reliability. It utilizes a 500-watt geared motor and is powered by a lithium-ion battery. We allow you to customize your power system for your specific needs from a 36 volt to a 48 volt system. The 48 volt was developed for an increase of power for riders that live in a hilly area or a personal preference. When selecting this option, please realize that it may exceed the federal speed limit of 20MPH and Motiv does not recommend or condone this.

Sure the bike looks cool, but how it rides is more important. By placing the battery at the middle and lowest part of the frame, the bikes maintain a low center of gravity making for a well-balanced ride. You’ll have no trouble cornering and handling at higher speeds. We want you to have the trust in us that the science on our bikes is safe as you cruise around. Braking is a huge part of this. Disc brakes are the most powerful and reliable way to stop; that’s why we incorporated two 6-inch disc brakes, one front and one rear.

The bottom line is we are crazy about bikes. As enthusiasts, we want what you, the riders, want. Which is why we have all the color options to satisfy your craving for creativity.